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Clearly Beautiful


As the concept of clean beauty evolves, consumers intervene to clarify its meaning and influence the decision makers. Clearly Beautiful reflects the consumer’s elevated awareness of how beauty impacts the environment and health.

Everyday Beauty


Everyday Beauty is a look into the “clean” influences and the choices formulators are making on what to include and what to remove from a formula.



Consumers are no longer looking to escape reality; they want to confront it head on. Identifying the roots of a situation helps shape the reality. This collection looks below the surface to identify the Roots of beauty.



A transparent and honest look into what makes beautiful products. Addressing consumers’  heightened sense of awareness, this collection highlights great formulas and the mindfulness involved in selecting ingredients.

Deconstructed Beauty


An exploration into the separate elements of beauty, skin care and color, and the synergy as they come together.

Beauty Lore


Beauty Lore is a collection of products that explores traditional beauty rituals and then elevates them for the modern consumer. Simple truths originating in nature balance luxury and a renewed sense of well-being.

Force of Nature


Women identify with makeup, but it’s not their identity. Force of Nature is a collection of products that allows the consumer to celebrate their natural self.

Unfiltered Beauty

Products for the selfie world.

Unfiltered Beauty encourages the use of technology to reconnect with your natural self. Our products focus on minimizing pores, correcting uneven skin tones and long-lasting colors. Selfies should appear flattering and flawless while at the same time casual and natural.



Minimalism is a tool to pare-down excess in favor of focusing on what’s important. Purpose-driven products that focus on the essential element of great skin…hydration!

Beauty in Motion

Focused on transformation, Beauty in Motion introduces new life to texture and color.  

Products transform their texture to create a new world of possibilities. Hybrid products of both skincare and color create transformations that stay with you while you’re moving all day.

Extreme Beauty

Experience bold new formulas that push the boundaries of color, texture, and performance. From sheer to opaque, light-weight to dense, flat matte to heavy metal, the products in this collection have a ‘wow-factor’ that’s at the high end.