Hot pour and cold process formulas in molded or free-flowing fill options

  • Traditional book molding
  • Optional flame finish
  • Automatic high-speed silicone
  • Dual and multi-color hot pour capabilities
  • Molded bullet, stick, pot, tubes, tin, pumps,¬† jar, and pan filling capabilities
  • Automatic high-speed silicone molding/inserting lipstick machine

Emulsion capabilities range from thin lotion formulations to high viscosity lip glosses

  • Tube, bottle, jar, airless pumps, and doe foot vial filling capabilities
  • 35 stainless steel personal care tanks
  • High sheer vacuum mixer
  • Fully validated Siemens DI water system with RO
  • Rotary Piston Fills
  • Filamatic high-speed in-line filler
  • Norden high-speed tube filler

Powder production sites for both loose and pressed powders with designated air filtration systems

  • Semi and full automatic press machines
  • High-speed rotary press
  • High shear blenders for micropulverizing
  • Jar, pan, bottle, carton, bag, pail, and drum filling capabilities
  • Designated room for multi-well palette assembly

Segregated salt processing area to contain fragrance

  • Designated kettles for batching
  • Designated fill and assembly room
Sheet Masks
Innovative Korean Technology 
  • Front, back, and double-sided labeling capabilities
  • Shrink banding and sealing heat tunnels
  • Shrink wrap capabilities
  • Induction sealing
  • Cold and Hot Glue Dispensing
  • Carton Erection
  • In-house label application
  • Tamp/Wrap Labeling